Embark on an epic journey as the mighty Whanganui River snakes from Taumarunui in the north down to the city of Whanganui by the sea in the south.  

Kayaks and canoes can be hired from Taumarunui with river access here, Ohinepane or Whakahoro. On these leisurely craft you can slowly wend your way down the river taking in all of the sights and some small rapids. Jet boat tours often leave from Mangapurua landing travelling to Pipiriki, covering 32km at high speed giving tourists the adrenaline thrill of a lifetime as you whip between sheer cliffs and around bends.

As the river has always been central to life in this region, this is a fantastic way to become part of the environment and encapsulated in the saying “Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au” I am the river, the river is me.