To raise great meat we must protect the land and respect the part it plays in rearing our stock. Nurturing the symbiotic relationship between the land and our animals is paramount to produce the premium quality meat that arrives on your plate.  

By keeping our stock at a ratio of 60% sheep to 40% beef we aim to protect the land as much as possible. Our stockmen, when out with the stock, constantly assess the balance and interaction between the land and the stock and make adjustments to where animals are put to pasture based on their skillful assessment of how the land is best utilised. The reason our meat is a premier product is because of the respect we have for the land and how we nurture that essential resource.


Protecting the Waterways

Our extensive fencing program is carefully designed to minimise impact on the waterways by livestock and run off Learn more

Preserving Native Bush

By looking after our native forestland we help to maintain a better environment for its inhabitants Learn more

Replenishing the Nutrients

Aerial spraying and dusting helps generate rich soils and promotes better pasture growth Learn more