To Produce the Best

By keeping the ratio of sheep to cattle in favour of sheep we protect the land to ensure it is grazed efficiently without worrying about feed, this ensures plump and healthy meat and quality wool. Additionally our stock wanders and grazes on the King Country hillsides, and in the valleys to guarantee robust muscles and strong animals. This means quality, naturally produced meat on your plate.

Covering 8,250 hectares (20,000+ acres) our stock levels are approximately 30,000 ewes, 2,000 beef cows, and supporting stock

With a flock of close to 30,000 sheep, Maraekowhai have composite flocks with a focus on early season meat production to ensure the highest quality of meat gets to your plate in time for Christmas. Romney Cross has been chosen as the breed for our farms because it is well suited to areas of heavy rainfall and moisture and able to thrive in the hilly terrain. Romney produce excellent meat and wool and they breed prolifically so Maraekowhai has 30,000 ewes set to lamb in the spring of 2018. Romney produce a heavy fleece normally used in commercial situations such as carpet and furnishings.

Our staff have a keen understanding of our land and animals so know when is best to breed them and if the flock has enough diversity to thrive.

The breed of choice for our beef stock is Angus. Known worldwide as a premium beef product it is well suited to the hilly King Country terrain as they are hardy stock who quickly convert pasture to meat. The beef stock of 2,000 head tidy the pasture for the sheep to follow. Angus is ideal in this rugged and isolated environment because they calve easily and mature quickly, qualities which are essential in the short season of grass Maraekowhai because of its proximity to the snow line. The meat is delectable because the stock feast on dense pasture while roaming the steep hillsides and valleys of our farms, building their muscles naturally. A process you can appreciate at your dinner table.

We are committed to producing the best and work closely with AFFCO which is a wholly New Zealand owned processing company known for its high quality standard of meat - both in a domestic and international market.

Maraekowhai is recognised as an Affco Premier Producer as part of the Affco Select Farm Assurance Program - your guarantee off 100% pure NZ Beef and Lamb.  

All of our meat bears the quality mark of New Zealand Beef and Lamb, quality you can taste.