It takes special people to work and live on farms like Maraekowhai, we recognise that by investing in our people and our region it makes life in rural areas more appealing for the quality staff we have working with us. All attempts are made to employ local people who have an affinity with the land and the work required, if this isn’t possible, we make sure we employ people who are the right fit with our ethos of nurturing the land to raise premium stock.

We invest in our people and invest in the region, making the rural community stronger. Maraekowhai invests in good infrastructure on our farms to ensure the rural region is kept alive, we invest in our community, such as the school, so that our families are able to prosper. Staff are regularly sent on courses to increase their knowledge and skill needed to work this land. New staff work in our buddy system, meaning they are able to learn about our specific land and animals from our experienced stockmen.

By consistently recognising the important role our staff play and looking to expand their knowledge of the land and work, we help grow our people who grow your meat.